Testimonials from our Members:


“I have to admit that I was so nervous before I began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Hoboken Jiu Jitsu. As a woman with absolutely no training in BJJ, entering a class of predominantly men was intimidating to say the least. For months, I had thought about joining… I wanted to know what I was looking at when I watched MMA fights. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me, and I am so glad that it did! BJJ is now one of my favorite classes! The class vibe is awesome; everyone is very respectful, and it’s truly a humbling experience! Led by wonderful instructors, BJJ is an intense and physically demanding class where each student is expected to learn and develop technique. The instructors as well as the other class members truly care about me learning. They completely understand that I am a beginner, and are able to meet me where I am within my skillset, and appropriately break down the positions. I love going to this class, and fully recommend it to anyone who is physically and mentally up for the challenge!”

Zach Greenberg testimonials

“Hoboken Jui Jitsu gives me the camaraderie and challenges I look for in a sport. Jui Jitsu might be considered an individual sport but my progress and motivation comes from my coaches and teammates . HBJJ is a very welcoming atmosphere to new and advanced grapplers. The room is consistently challenging. Every day I look forward to learning new techniques and training with my team and coaches. HBJJ has been a huge aid in balancing my stressful work life.”

Chelsea Caravella testimonials

“I began training at Hoboken Jiu-Jitsu last year with no prior experience in BJJ. It only took one class for me to realize that this would be an awesome program to get started with. Everyone in the class is there to help the rest of the team out, especially a new white belt like myself. The coaches’ genuine dedication to their students’ progress and growth is evident in every single class. Their thorough demonstration, teaching and guidance has allowed my technique to dramatically improve in just a short period of time. The positive leadership they exert is exactly what makes them more than just coaches, they are role models in every aspect of life. I recommend getting involved at Hoboken Jiu-Jitsu to everyone no matter what experience you have or how old you are. It is an awesome program for everyone, whether you are just looking for an awesome workout, to better your technique or just to have fun.”

Brendon Cassella Testimonials

“Hoboken Jiu Jitsu is a place where anyone from beginners to advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors can come to learn and grow. With top flight instruction and a supportive group of teammates the environment is fun, friendly and informative. My time at Hoboken Jiu Jitsu has allowed me to learn an astonishing amount about myself. With every class I am constantly challenging myself physically and mentally. I find that a class can do wonders for helping me de-stress after a long day of work, and keeps me in great shape.”