Hoboken Jiu Jitsu instructors lead by example finishing the No Gi grappling season with bang. They live by the phrase “you can’t be a tour guide of a place you’ve never been”. Meaning, you can’t teach guys to compete if you yourself have never competed. 

Head Instructor Dan Covel won Black Belt Featherweight Master 1 Gold Medal for the third straight year, finishing all his opponents by submission. Dan left the tournament and went right to the gym to get more training in.  Dan lives a very disciplined and focused life and takes his craft and teaching very serious.  Hoboken Jiu Jitsu is very happy to have such a motived leader who shows handwork pays off. 

Boxing instructor and grappler Daniel Carbonel won his division at Purple belt Middleweight Masters division.  

A few weeks later a crew of guys from Hoboken went to San Fransisco to test their skills at No Gi worlds,  the biggest No Gi grappling tournament in the world. Heres a pic of student Zach Greenberg, boxing coach Daniel Carbonel, black belt Gianni Grippo and Assistant Coach Rich Van Houten, shortly after their arrival.
Assistant Coach Rich Van Houten won the Gold Medal at Brown Belt Featherweight Masters division.

Student Eddie Willis won not only his division but also the absolute division. Really utilizing what he has learned and put into practice.  Making all his coaches and fellow teammates proud as he brought home Double Gold.

While Daniel Carbonel suffered a knee injury in his quarterfinals match he was still able to squeeze out a win and advance to the semifinals. Losing a close ref decision in the semifinals to bring home a Silver medal in his division, Purple Belt middleweight Masters.

Although all students don't compete, they play a critical role in preparation. We strive to meet every students Jiu Jitsu goals and make sure everyone is having fun while Training Hard!