Hoboken Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Hoboken Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s Youth MMA program utilizes the arts of Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and many other sport based martial art systems. The program is designed to challenge your child’s mind and body by engaging them in self-defense drills and conditioning exercises. Hoboken Jiu-Jitsu concentrates on each student’s individual development and growth. Our awesome youth instructor, Coach Geo Alvarez, consistently encourages his students to progress in areas far beyond just MMA. The skills and abilities students learn in this program will stretch far beyond their youth allowing them to have the self-confidence and courage to excel in all areas of life including school, social endeavors, sports and in family life. Our students are pushed to new limits in our MMA program and work hard every class to further continue on their path of health and fitness.


Hoboken Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers a challenging, fun youth program for age groups 3-7 & 8-12 years old. The youth program provides self-defense and physical activity for children while promoting a fun learning environment. Led by Essex County’s renown youth coach Geo Alvarez, Hoboken Jiu-Jitsu’s Kids program will teach children the key skills and techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu while promoting fitness and self-confidence. The program integrates self-defense, conditioning and age-specific, skill-oriented games to improve your child’s motor skills, stamina, agility and flexibility. Students are taught how to use their balance and leverage to protect themselves regardless of size, weight or strength. Students will receive stripes and new belts as they continue to grow and learn. This allows students to visualize their accomplishments and encourage them to continue on their journey toward bettering their jiu-jitsu technique, and most importantly their health.

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