Dan Covel is a Black Belt coach and competitor known for a wicked closed guard and dangerous submission attacks. Dan started martial arts with Judo as a young child and picked up BJJ in 2002 after UFC 1. Dan currently is training and teaching BJJ in NYC and Hoboken New Jersey.


How did you get started in Martial Arts?

I started in martial arts as a kid with Judo. I was immediately struck by how effective and fun it was. I really enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport/art.

What was your introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Like many others it was when I saw UFC 1, but unlike many others I saw it live via ppv broadcast when I was a kid.  I thought to myself “hey, that is really close to what I'm already doing in Judo but with a little more focus on submissions” and the submission focus is what kept me wanting to get into it.

How long have you been competing and teaching?

I have been competing since I was a kid in grappling starting with Judo but in Jiujitsu around 2002. I have been teaching since 2006.

What is something that you wish someone told you during the first six months of your training?

With hindsight being in your favor you would want someone to really emphasis the importance of grip fighting and head placement before anything else.

Advice for some on going to their first BJJ class?

Prepare to work hard and have fun!

 What is your teaching philosophy?

I want people to be comfortable to be ready to fight with their jiujitsu whether it be at a tournament, a mma event or in a self defense situation.  My jiujitsu has been and will always be for fighting.

See you on the mats soon!!