Hoboken Jiu Jitsu instructors lead by example finishing the No Gi grappling season with bang. They live by the phrase “you can’t be a tour guide of a place you’ve never been”. Meaning, you can’t teach guys to compete if you yourself have never competed. Head Instructor Dan Covel won Black Belt Featherweight Master 1 Gold Medal for the third straight year, finishing all his opponents by submission. Dan left the tournament and went right to the gym to get more training in.  Dan lives a very disciplined and focused life and takes his craft and teaching very serious.  Hoboken Jiu Jitsu is very ... Read more
Dan Covel is a Black Belt coach and competitor known for a wicked closed guard and dangerous submission attacks. Dan started martial arts with Judo as a young child and picked up BJJ in 2002 after UFC 1. Dan currently is training and teaching BJJ in NYC and Hoboken New Jersey.How did you get started in Martial Arts?I started in martial arts as a kid with Judo. I was immediately struck by how effective and fun it was. I really enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport/art.What was your introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?Like many others it was when I saw UFC 1, but unlike many others I saw ... Read more

A Year in Review

An exciting year of BJJ for Hoboken Jiu Jitsu! With 2015 behind us we now get to look forward to the new friendships we get to make on and off the mats. New Elite athletes coming in for seminars and sharing with us their amazing, efficient techniques allow all to make new friends in the BJJ community, with an open door affiliation policy.  Gianni Grippo Seminar at Hoboken Jiu JitsuLast year we were very fortunate to have Gianni Grippo run two amazing seminars, one gi and a seperate no-gi. Gianni has made a huge name for himself winning 6 world titles. In 2015 alone, he won the black belt Pan ... Read more

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